Skull Necklaces

Wearing skull necklaces has been traditional in magic cultures since time immemorial. The symbol of death, it is a powerful magical object. Our skull necklaces are skillfully created to conjure the magic that lies within you to bring powerful protection.

The skull is venerated in the ceremonies of The Day of the Dead by Aztec descendents. In India, the god Siva wears the skull in ascetic representation and Kali flourishes the skull when she is at her most wrathful. Nepalese prayer beads continue to be made from small, skull beads and are objects of veneration and prayer.

Long celebrated by members of outlaw societies, the skull is deeply embedded in American tradition. A symbol of power and a symbol of the inevitability of death, it can be worn to show bravery and machismo among motorcycle riders. The spiritually inclined invoke the magical protective powers by wearing a skull pendant from their neck.

When you choose one of our excellent skull necklaces, you are choosing to assert your independence. This powerful symbol carried around your neck will envelop you in a protective aura and give you the strength you need to carry on. It is a statement about who you are.

Of course, some people like the spooky flavor that comes with a this fantastical creations and prefer to wear them on festive Halloween nights. Your friends will appreciate the craftsmanship and you will enjoy placing it around your neck. The distinctive bone structure lends a mystical presence to a Halloween night on the town.

Bones and skulls resonate within all cultures and should not be taken for granted. Part of the fun of adornment is the selection of talisman that aid us in our day-to-day life. These skull necklaces are well made and will enhance your appearance and life outlook.