Skull Earrings

As skull accessories and decorations are the latest craze when it comes to fashion, skull earrings are surely on the wave. They are the most popular among teens, but there are many grown-up women who fancy the skull decoration on their outfits or as part of their matching accessories.

From small studs to hoops, huggies, ear spikes or dangles, all types and shapes can make trendy and cool skull earrings, suitable for various ages and outfits. Such earrings cam be made from gold or silver, but also from stainless steel or titanium. Various metal combinations are also possible and they make some of the most exquisite pieces of jewelery out there. Girls who want inexpensive but catchy jewelery can also enjoy such earrings made from plastic or other similar materials. Cheap doesn't necessarily mean low quality, therefore it's possible to buy really good looking earrings and pay only a fraction of the ones made from precious metals.

Skulls can be decorated with Swarovski crystals all over or they can only have crystal eyes. White or transparent crystals are the most popular, but there are skull earrings embellished with colored gems which are extremely fashionable today. One of the most popular symbols of today are skulls and roses. They could be interpreted as a sign of peace after the war and most girls find them very romantic.

Flower Power fans and bikers are also among the skull lovers who would display these symbols on their outfits and accessories such as necklaces, bracelets, rings or earrings.

There's a skull for every taste, whether you are the tough kind of person who wants the serious stuff, or you are a fragile and romantic young lady with the head full of flowers and poetry. Just pick your type of skull and wear it in style.