Skull Bracelets

It is a mistake to think that skull bracelets always have to look gloomy or scary. In fact, they can be the perfect accessory for your Bohemian outfit. These bracelets can make a statement, look quite elegant, and be perfect for both men and women.

The effect of the actual skulls can be dramatic or subtle. It depends upon the actual bracelet that you choose. Different people wear skulls for different reasons, and it usually is actually a very optimistic statement, and not a dreadful one.

For example, some people associate skulls with the process of death and rebirth. Or they may simply be stating that they do not spend their lives in fear of death. The associations that different people make with skulls are unique. These unique bracelets can help you make a statement that is personal to you!

Motorcycle Bracelets: You can find some great skull bracelets with a "motorcyclist" look. These are usually heavier, made of metal links, and can help you complement your Bad-A look when you are ready to ride. These might be a good choice for men, but lighter models are great for women too.

Pastel Mineral Bracelets: You can find women's beaded bracelets in a variety of colors. These are actually made out of a variety of semi-precious stones like turquoise or jade. Since they are brightly colored, they look feminine, and they do not look threatening. Many women like to buy three to five of these bracelets and wear them all together for a cheerful look.

Elegant Skull Bracelets: You can even find designer bracelets that have been hand-crafted out of precious metals. These might even be created from sterling silver and gold. Less expensive ones might be simply plated, but can still help you get that same great look!